Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad

bessemer and lake erie steel mill

The Bessemer and Lake Erie railroad starts near Pittsburgh, and ends at Conneaut in Ohio. It still transports some coal to Lake Erie, and brings iron ore and scrap to Pittsburgh.

There will be no coal to haul in the near future. Regulations have made it almost impossible to mine coal.

Pennsylvania has the 5th largest rail system in the United States.

Philadelphia, as the largest city in the Commonwealth, is the only major city on the East Coast to have connectivity to three Class I railroads. Railroads are a vital component of the Commonwealth’s transportation system,
and very important to the state’s economy.
Commodities coming into and going out of Pennsylvania by rail are dominated by coal and intermodal freight. Coal is 69 percent of the total tons originating in Pennsylvania
and 35 percent of terminating tons. Other important commodities include primary metal
products, petroleum, chemicals, and food products.
Read more: http://www.pareportcard.org/PARC2014/downloads/PA_2014_RC_Rail.pdf