Social Security Disability --- 20% Reduction in Benefits Imminent Part III

SSDI Stands for Social Security Disability Insurance.
Citizens and their employers pay into a Trust Fund.
At the end of 2016 disabled people will not have full "insurance", unless there are changes. A program should not be called insurance, if it fails to insure its participants.
"Trust Fund" is almost a joke. The Federal Government takes the "Trust Fund" money,  and replaces the money with IOU's. This should never have happened in the first place, and now there is an opportunity to stop that practice.
When the government takes, confiscates, hijacks, or whatever you want to call it...it is not representing the people. I didn't want IOU's, but the government forced them upon me.
Thank God, we now have social media. We can communicate with those in the government, who are responsible. Public opinion has an effect on the government. When people vote 400-0 on HR33, it's because the people know what the government is doing. The bill protected volunteer firefighters and emergency personnel from Obamacare. It was attached to funding for DHS, and Barry signed it. It is now the law.
Keith Rothfus sent a letter addressing the SSDI problem, and I'm very grateful. It is posted in the following links:
Part I
Part II