A vote for Lynch equals publicity

A vote for Lynch will be publicized.
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26 states are suing the Barack Obama administration for 'immigration actions'
Judge Hanen has enjoined the administration from taking any 'immigration actions' temporarily.
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will decide what action to take on the Obama administration's appeal of the 'immigration actions' injunction.
The five senators, Hatch, Collins, Flake, Graham, and Kirk are on the whip list to vote for Loretta Lynch, who favors the Obama administration's 'immigration actions'.
If Loretta Lynch is not voted in, Eric Holder or his replacement will be in charge of the Department of Justice. I don't see where Loretta Lynch would be any improvement over what we already have.
I do see Loretta Lynch as aiding and abetting the enemies of 26 states, and as an enemy of judge Hanen. I see the five Senators as enemies of 26 states and judge Hanen. They are also deserting the ranks of other Republicans, who will not vote for Lynch.