93,316,000 US Citizens Believe Obama is a Muslim | Based on CNN/ORC Poll

29% of US citizens believe Obama is a Muslim according to a CNN/ORC poll.
NPR: Trump Does Nothing as Questioner Says Obama is Muslim  
There are approximately 321 million US citizens. 29% of 321 million is 93 million.
93 million US citizens believe that Obama is a Muslim.
15% of Democrats and 43% of Republicans believe that Obama is a Muslim. 
So, NPR, Trump has done something.

Obama is a Muslim. He admitted so himself. All his actions are pro-Islam.      


Weren’t The Boston Bombers Both ‘Refugees’?

Sure, they were. Welcoming more refugees to the USA will really expose the whole nation to unnecessary risks. Add to that what WH has been pushing for more gun control for the Americans. We will all be sitting ducks for target practice!!!


The Obama administration is exploring the possibility ot moving Gitmo detainees to the US

A letter has been sent to Obama.
As I understand it; it is a crime to move detainees at Gitmo to the US under current US law.

clinging ivyOctober 12, 2015 at 2:51 PM
Obobo is hell-bent in destroying USA. This is as clear as daylight.

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King George III 240 Years Ago

King George's reaction to the colonist's rebellion. 
Monarchs will always hold on to their desire for absolute power over their colonies. However, it is against human nature of its inherent goal for getting out of the yoke of colonizers. No one can stifle humanity's need for self-government. History proved this in the past and will again prove it in the future.

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Kentucky Same Sex Marriage Applicants

James Yates and William Smith Jr. are the names posted in this article:
Gay couple gets license to wed in Kentucky county - The Boston Globe
U.S. District Judge David Bunning is the name of the judge, who is involved.
Kim Davis was put in jail.

Same sex marriage runs counter to natural laws. This is sheer abomination.

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