The mind-blowing turnaround in Donald Trump's poll numbers explains why he's blowing everyone out of the water

Read article: December 23, 2015 Trump looks good.

December 23, 2015 Trump looks goodhttp://goluckydonald.blogspot.com/2015/12/the-mind-blowing-turnaround-in-donald.html
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Trump Excoriates Ryan



TRUMP: “SPEAKER RYAN IS A COWARD”http://goluckydonald.blogspot.com/2015/12/trump-excoriates-ryan.html
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Paul Ryan | Twitter | Facebook | Rush Limbaugh

Off to a Bad Start

The country is on the wrong trackvia Joseph Guerra
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Rush Limbaugh: Tell Me How the Budget Deal Would Be Worse If Democrats Ran Congress


Governor Tom Wolf | Mayor Bill Peduto

 Tom Wolf Governor of Pennsylvania
 Bill Peduto Mayor of Pittsburgh
Feds: Pa. teen charged with providing support to Islamic State

Governor Wolf and Mayor Peduto have gambled that getting more Democrat votes and personal gain will trump failure to provide security to all the citizens. In other words, they will attempt to get more Democrat votes and personal gain, and sacrifice the security of all the citizens.
They want to assure the citizens that their security is not threatened by bringing refugees into the USA. 
Time will tell.

Left: Tom Wolf Governor of Pennsylvania Right: Bill Peduto Mayor of PittsburghBoth enabling 'refugees'Feds: Pa. teen...

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Chris Matthews | Tingle Up His Leg

You have a right to talk about a tingle up your leg.
You have a responsibility to suffer the consequences instead of arrogance.

Chris Matthews | Tingle Up His LegVideo http://www.goluckydonald.blogspot.com/

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Climate Change Funds Provided

Video: Climate Change Funds Providedhttp://goluckydonald.blogspot.com/2015/12/climate-change-funds-provided.html
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Google search: Climate change funds provided

$25 billion was spent on climate change in 2010

Reported Federal Climate Change Funding by Category, 1993-2010


Obama Delusional

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One of the more intriguing -- and disturbing -- aspects of Barack Obama's presidential behavior is his stubbornly persistent belief that saying something, anything, makes it so. Even in the face of bold facts to the contrary.

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch
December 4th 2015 she stated:
"Now obviously this is a country that is based on free speech, but when it edges towards violence, when we see the potential for someone lifting that mantle of anti-Muslim rhetoric or, as we saw after 9/11, violence against individuals… when we see that, we will take action.""

So, if someone uses anti-Muslim rhetoric for potential violence against individuals in North Texas or anywhere else...Loretta Lynch says, "We will take action.
Armed protests have already taken place in North Texas.

Ten RINOS voted to confirm Loretta Lynch


Image of the day: Faces of jihad - Liberty Unyielding

Click on image to enlarge
Image of the day: Faces of jihad - Liberty UnyieldingClick on image
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Trump, Cruz, and Rubio Critical of SCOTUS John Roberts

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Trump, Cruz, and Rubio Critical of SCOTUS John Roberts http://goluckydonald.blogspot.com/2015/12/trump-cruz-and-rubio-critical-of-scotus.html

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Armed Protest Richardson Texas

The armed protest in Richardson Texas December 12, 2015


Regime Shut Down Probe | Trump Soars | No Iranian Immigrants | More

  • A whistleblower has been shut up
  • Trump soars
  • Carter shut down Iranian immigration
  • More

Rush is on a rollhttp://goluckydonald.blogspot.com/2015/12/regime-shut-down-probe-trump-soars-no.html

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GOP report: Administration misled Congress on Bergdahl swap

Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee released a 98-page report Wednesday on its inquiry into the case of the so-called Taliban Five after lawmakers expressed outrage that the Obama administration did not give Congress a 30-day notice about transferring the detainees to Qatar, as required by law.

Related: America is safer...

GOP report: Administration misled Congress on Bergdahl swap MSNhttp://goluckydonald.blogspot.com/2015/12/gop-report-administration-misled.html

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Bill O'Reilly | Rush Limbaugh | Paul Ryan

I'm going to post a couple links
Paul Ryan:

 I guess it was whenever Trump made his comments on a temporary moratorium on Muslims being allowed to enter the country.  Everybody was going, "Oh, my God, we can't say that. Oh, my God, this isn't conservatism." Paul Ryan said that.


O'Reilly | Limbaugh | RyanLinks about themhttp://goluckydonald.blogspot.com/2015/12/bill-oreilly-rush-limbaugh-paul-ryan.html
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Don't Listen | Look

5:00PM EST 11/18/2015

Todd Starnes                                                                             



ISIL seeks to exploit the idea that there is a war between Islam and the West," he said. "When you starting seeing individuals in positions of responsibility suggesting that Christians are more worthy of protection than Muslims are—in a war-torn land—that feeds the ISIL narrative."
It's counterproductive and it needs to stop, he warned."
"We don't have religious tests to our compassion," he told journalists from high atop his soapbox. 
But that's not entirely accurate.
Last year, the Obama administration led a fierce legal battle to have a German Christian family thrown out of the United States.
The Romeikes fled their homeland in search of a nation where they could homeschool their children. A judge initially granted them asylum—believing they were escaping from religious persecution.
However, the Obama administration waged a fierce campaign against the Romeike family—demanding they be returned to Germany.
The family lost court battle after court battle—but at the 11th hour, the White House relented and decided begrudgingly to let them stay.
And just a few months ago, a federal immigration judge ordered a dozen Iraqi Christians deported from a facility in San Diego.
An Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson declined to tell The San Diego Union-Tribune why the Iraqi Christians were being sent back to their native land.
So the next time President Obama wants to lecture the nation about religion, maybe he could explain why his administration is importing Muslims and deporting Christians.


Barry Would Like to Fool You | Fmr. FBI Counterterrorism Agent Report

Islamic Center: Irving, Texas
Though President Barack Obama claimed that America must “enlist Muslim communities” to combat terrorism in his Sunday evening Oval Office address, former FBI Counterterrorism Agent John Guandolo said on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily (6AM-9AM EST on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125) that since 9/11, “we collectively have received nearly zero help from the Muslim Community.
 I wouldn't bet that Barry is unaware of Muslim noncooperation.

...everything you’re doing is the reason for what happened—9/11 is your fault because of your policies.

Reason and logic are out of the question, when you are dealing with Muslims. For example; Yasser Arafat.

 “If you expect FBI and others to aggressively pursue them, it’s not going to happen because our leaders — President, Secretary of State, national security adivsers, generals at the Pentagon—are are turning to their advisers who in fact are Muslim Brotherhood leaders to say what should we and what shouldn’t we do,” he said.
Valerie Jarrett has her influence, which is accepted by Barry.


Barry Would Like to Fool You | Fmr. FBI Counterterrorism Agent Report http://goluckydonald.blogspot.com/2015/12/barry-would-like-to-fool-you-fmr-fbi.html
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Happy Birthday Randy Blake

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The links above are active


Obama's Speech | Some Things He Didn't Say

Obama did not say: The Muslims in Irving Texas are not trying to transform the USA into a Muslim utopia.
He didn't discuss his interaction with Ahmed; the 'clock boy'.
There are death threats to the mayor of Irving Texas and others.
The state of Texas is trying to legislate a law, which will make foreign laws illegal.
Muslims near Irving Texas have shown that they don't want Sharia law opposed. 
He didn't say that he, Valerie Jarrett, the Muslim Brotherhood in the administration, and Democrats nationwide are trying to flood the USA with ''refugees'.
December 2015 AM
Pageviews: 9,498

Obama's Speech | Some Things He Didn't Sayhttp://goluckydonald.blogspot.com/2015/12/obamas-speech-some-things-he-didnt-say.html
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40 Minutes of Christmas Music | 15 Video Christmas Playlist

 Forty minutes of Christmas music

15 Video Christmas playlist

Forty minutes of Christmas music | 15 Video Christmas playlisthttp://goluckydonald.blogspot.com/2015/12/40-minutes-of-christmas-music-15-video.html
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President to speak Sunday 12/6/15 8 PM Eastern

President to speak Sunday 12/6/15 8 PM Eastern
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Orphan Refugee

Iron Patriot is a popular poster on Google+
Here is one of his posts:

Orphan RefugeeIron Patriot is a popular poster on Google+One of his posts is posted here:http://goluckydonald.blogspot.com/2015/12/orphan-refugee.html

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Climate Change | Dr. David Evans

Humans didn't cause the Ohio glacier to melt.
Dr. David Evans has a theory: CO2 does not have as much to do with climate change as it has been reported. 
It turns out the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has over-estimated future global warming by as much as 10 times, he says.

List of scientists opposing the mainstream scientific assessment of global warming


Climate Change | Dr. David Evans "UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has over-estimated future global...
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Obama Schedule


Daily ScheduleThe schedule is posted at 9:30 PMhttp://goluckydonald.blogspot.com/2015/12/obama-schedule-posted-daily.html
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Barry: IQ 102 | Empire News

Obama, in a foreign country, which has just had a mass shooting:

Obama in a foreign country, which has just had a mass shooting: "Mass Shootings Like PP Shooting Don’t ‘Happen In Other Countries’"

Armed Protesters Plan Another Demonstration at Texas Mosque

The linked article provides information. When? December 12, 2015
Texas hopefully will set an example for the rest of the country. .

via Mary Littleton MastersIrving has unrest, war. No local or national TV here
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Posted on MSN | Washington Post

I was surprised to see this on MSN. I don't find criticism of Obama in the NY Times, MSNBC, NBC, etc.
I was planning on posting an excerpt from the article, but I read it several times, and decided to post the whole thing. 
There is a video and more content in the link above.
Emphasis in blockquote by author.
The presidency has changed Barack Obama. His hair has gone gray, which is to be expected, and he looks older, which is also to be expected, but his eloquence has been replaced by petulance and he has lost the power to persuade, which is something of a surprise. You can speculate that if the Obama of today and not Winston Churchill had led Britain in World War II, the Old Vic theater would now be doing “Hamlet” in German.
The president has lost his voice, that is certain. The numbers say so. Obama has the approval of only 44 percent of the American people. During his time in office, Congress and much of the nation have gone Republican — statehouse after statehouse, governor after governor (soon to be 32) — an astounding feat when you consider that the GOP has become the Know-Nothing Party in all its meanings.
It’s not that Obama has lost his gift of eloquence. His problem is that he often has nothing to say. When he does, as after the mass murder in June at a Charleston, S.C., church, he can be moving and eloquent. It is on foreign policy particularly where he goes empty and cold. His policy, after all, is to avoid yet another Middle East quagmire. It entails the ringing call to do as little as possible.
Obama’s self-inflicted predicament was apparent in the statement he issued following the Paris terrorist attacks. Unlike many other mass killings, this one was broadcast in real time — unfolding on TV as it happened. It left the United States both shaken and horrified. Yet Obama spoke coldly, by rote — saying all the right things in the manner of a minister presiding at the funeral of a perfect stranger.
The president is capable of better, and indeed, after some criticism, he eventually did better. But he is a cautious man who fears his rhetoric running away from him. This happened once before, when he issued his “red line” warning to Syria — and then, upon consideration, said never mind. The result has been a foreign policy debacle in which the measure of Obama has been taken. He’s been bullied off the playground.
Obama’s dilemma is not just that he cannot find the words to articulate his policy. He cannot stick to his policy either. His initial reluctance to act in Libya faded when Moammar Gaddafi threatened to massacre his opposition and the French took the lead. His determination to stay out of Iraq collided with the threatened genocide of the Yazidis. Iraq fell apart, the Islamic State seemed to come out of nowhere. Americans were beheaded. Women were enslaved. No boots on the ground became some boots on the ground — and then some more and then some of them helped the Kurds and mixed it up with the Islamic State. Reality rebuts policy, which unravels by degree.
George W. Bush’s Iraq war was a lesson to us all. But from the start of the Syrian crisis, no one sane was proposing doing it all over again. Instead, the proposal was to intervene early and attempt to avoid the bloodbath and humanitarian calamity that have resulted. The idea was to do more than simply tell Bashar al-Assad to return to practicing ophthalmology in London and for the United States and its allies to take some action — such as grounding Assad’s helicopters. And when it came to the Islamic State, the proposal was to do more than make some initially inadequate bombing runs, but put spotters on the ground and train anti-Assad fighters who had a stake in the fighting. As it was, the United States managed to assemble an army of about half a dozen.
Obama is confined by the prospect of another Iraq. He defends his policy of minimalism with an off-putting petulance: “If folks want to pop off and have opinions . . . .” He talked of seeing at Walter Reed hospital “a 25-year-old kid who’s paralyzed or has lost his limbs. . . . And so I can’t afford to play some of the political games that others may.” Yes, some of the Republican presidential candidates are playing games, but Obama’s critics in think tanks and elsewhere are dead - serious. Besides, life presents mean choices. Limbs were lost in Paris, too.
To a large degree, Obama became president on the strength of his eloquence. To a large degree, that is what has deserted him. He is out of words because he is out of ideas. Consequently, he ought to listen to others. They’re not the ones who are popping off. He is.

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Obama: Climate Change Video



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