At My Daughter’s House



Rock at my daughter’s house

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Close-up of Wolf at my daughter’s house

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Wolf rock

Wolf rock at my former residence in the 70s

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blue spruce on a stick

Blue Spruce on a stick, near the bottom, at my former residence, there is also a weeping larch, and a Rheingold in the upper left corner.

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The same Blue Spruce at my daughter’s house

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The same weeping larch at my daughter’s house

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My daughter still has the same Rheingold from our former residence

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The sunlit pine tree, center of picture, at my daughter’s house, is about forty five feet tall. I picked it up in a Styrofoam cup at Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan plant

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The purple colored tree, on the bottom left, is a cotinus velvet cloaked. This picture was taken at our former residence. This same tree is at my daughter’s house now.

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cotinus velvet cloaked

Cotinus Velvet Cloaked Close Up

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – August 12 –

I’m hoping this article will be a memorial to me and my wife after I’m gone. I’m posting it so that my children and grandchildren can look at some of my and my wife’s treasures during our life.

Some of the treasures live on today.