100 City Tour | Sequester

100 City Tour | Sequester

Obama Public Domain Sequester

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President Obama started a 100 city tour. It appears to be very expensive, and it’s purpose is questionable. Senator Tom Coburn (R) Oklahoma:

"Much is being made about the possible impact of sequestration on government programs for the poor and middle class, food safety and the defense of our nation," Coburn wrote. "It is somewhat surprising, therefore, for the White House to be headlining a 100 city government spending tour, transporting representatives from multiple departments and various agencies around the country to promote federal largess."

John Boehner:

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and other Republicans said Obama got an increase in tax rates with last month's fiscal cliff deal, and this debt reduction plan should be all spending cuts.

The Communist dictator in Dr. Zhigavo ran around Russia in a locomotive.