Democrats and Only Democrats Gave You Obamacare

democrats obamacare

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The US Supreme Court will probably rule on Obamacare subsidies in 2015

The Obama administration has requested a review by the whole D.C. Circuit Court.

The Fourth Circuit Court decision has been appealed directly to the US Supreme Court.

The same day that the D.C. Circuit panel issued its ruling, the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, based in Richmond, Virginia, arrived at the opposite conclusion in a similar case, King v. Burwell, and upheld the federal subsidies as legal.

The disagreement practically begs the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in. The plaintiffs in King v. Burwell have petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court for cert. If granted, the case will go to the high court. It’s unlikely that the high court will hand down a decision until spring or fall 2015.

Democrat Obamacare

Doctors have quit, or are planning on quitting.

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