Andrew Hanen | Brilliant | Mitch McConnell | Emulate

Judge Andrew Hanen on the left

I have read 50 pages of Andrew Hanen's decision to enjoin Barry's immigration actions.
So far he has pointed out that the 26 state plaintiffs have standing. He says that the Federal Government says and does things, which make the Federal Government sovereign in relation to the states. No matter what the states say, the Federal Government has said that it is right.
The Federal Courts also engage in actions, which deny state's grievances, The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied claims by Arizona in regard to immigration.
Andrew Hanen tells it like it is, and he has no inclination to cozy up to anyone.
Mitch McConnell and his staff and advisors, would benefit from reading Andrew Hanen's decision.
Mitch McConnell, et al, have allowed Democrats to deny a motion to proceed with HR240.
Just read Andrew Hanen's decision Mitch.

Link to Andrew Hanen's Decision to enjoin Barry's immigration actions There's a zoom tab-top middle