Food Prices-Carbon Emissions

Food prices screen shot
Scottsdale Arizona – February 2, 2011 –
Carbon Emission Control Equals Increased Prices
The food prices in the United States have already gone up.
Part of the reason for the rioting in Egypt is increased food prices.
There's a link to the screen shot under the screen shot. The results show
that Japan and Russia oppose "Kyoto Protocol".
The world is wising up to the program instituted by the United Nations and supported by Obama and Soros.
The United Nations, Soros, Al Gore, and many others profit at the expense of ordinary people. They are parasites on society. They suck up wealth while people riot.
Developed nations abandon Kyoto Protocol
    “Climate Change experts believe the main problem is the inability of the US Administration to make a meaningful commitment to cut its country’s emissions to an adequate extent because it is now clear that congress will not adopt a comprehensive climate bill.” “ Worse Russia and Japan have openly stated they do not want to continue with the Kyoto Protocol while Australia, New Zealand and Canada among others have also be reluctant to commit to Kyoto’s second period because the US is not in it and major developing countries do not have to join the binding disciplines. This leaves the European Union which says it prefers to shift to a new system too but is still open to remaining in Kyoto if others do. Only Norway has said firmly it agrees to the second Kyoto period.”
So, Obama is using the EPA to control emissions in Texas. The world is against Kyoto Protocol. Congress is against Kyoto Protocol. Obama is for carbon emission control at any cost. A big question is; why?
Obama has been connected to CCX for years. CCX is the Chicago Climate Exchange.