Obama: Leftist-Marxist

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There are several articles recently posted, which say Obama is a Leftist or a Marxist, now. There are articles, which show Obama participating in a rally for a Marxist five years ago.
Time magazine has published an article, which concludes that Obama is a Leftist now.
Another article enhances the Time article. It says Obama is a Marxist.
Here’s an excerpt from American Thinker:
    "Update: Ed Lasky pints out that in 2008 Obama was photographed conspicuously holding Fareed Zakaria's "The Post-American World," and these days he is photographed holding a book about Reagan. How times (and political needs) change. Ed writes:
    He believed in American declinism-and encouraged it.
    But then his own job was at stake -so he tried to morph into the image of Reagan-the apostle of American exceptionalism (the shining city on a hill) and greatness.
    Will Americans buy the rebranded Obama?"
Obama has shown a long term commitment to Marxism. A long term trait is likely to remain. Obama is not above trying to deceive. Deception may improve Obama’s poll numbers, but it is still deception.