Random Pictures


Corn Cobs

I was born and raised on a farm. I’m fond of simple things like corn cobs. I found these corn cobs at a farmer’s market near Pittsburgh. The grain elevator near where I lived, when I was young, was powered by a steam engine. The furnace to make the steam used corn cobs.


Pittsburgh Mills

Pittsburgh Mills is one of the shopping malls in our area. I took a shot one day, when we went to Olive Garden to eat. The camera that I use has a LCD and no view finder, so it is difficult to see outside in bright light. I drape a sweater or something over my head to make the LCD more visible.


Farm Market

This corn field is behind a farm market, which sells primarily meat. The same people, who own the market, own the corn field behind it. There’s a cow pasture adjacent to the corn field, but the cows weren’t out. They have their own animals butchered, and sell the meat themselves.


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