Barack Obama Sr. | Fabulist

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Barack Obama Sr. was a fabulist. A fabulist is one who tells and believes fables. He believed that he could pull the wool over the eyes of the public. He deserves credit for travelling long distances to go to school. He went from Kenya to Hawaii to attend school…and he attended Harvard. He was a sharp dresser, owned a Mercedes, and had servants.

At first , Obama Sr., was treated with great respect in Kenya. He was employed by a bank and then by the Kenyan government. But his career quickly went into a tailspin. Part of the reason was his arrogance, but a bigger factor seems to be that Barack Sr. got the reputation for making things up and saying anything to impress others to get what he wanted. “He would make wild exaggerations,” said one of his coworkers. Nyaringo Obure. “One of the stories he told over and over was about when he was a boy he was looking after the family cattle. Suddenly a group of lions appeared and started to attack the cows. Barack pulls out a spear and kills the first lion by stabbing him in the chest. Then he goes for the rest, stab, stab, stab. Of course I knew it was a lie.” [1]

Obama Jr. travelled all over the world also. Barack Obama Jr. is a fabulist. Barack Obama Jr. is a sharp dresser, and has an excessive number of servants in the White House.

Barack Obama Jr. has been in Indonesia, Hawaii, the lower 48 states, Pakistan, Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

Barack Obama Jr. said that his followers would have an epiphany, that they would see a light, and that they would be led to vote for Obama. Barack Obama Jr. said that the oceans would stop rising and that the planet would start healing. When he said that the Janesville plant would be here for a hundred years, he was trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

Barack Obama Jr. visited his father’s grave. The marker is made of brick, it is about six feet long, four feet wide, and a foot or so high.

Awash with emotion, he fell to the ground and wept. Roots of Obama’s Rage 

[1] Dinesh D’Souza, Obama’s America, August 13, 2012 p. 47