Communism at Home and Abroad

gene tew
By Gene Tew with permission
There are quite a few people who oppose Communism at home and abroad. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were two of them.
Ronald Reagan was very outspoken. He called the Soviet Union the evil empire. He said of the Berlin wall…”Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.” President Obama has elected to appease evil.
This sounds good…we have an evil president in the United States. Get rid of him as soon as possible. Mr. Obama, your wealth redistribution is a bad idea. ACORN was a bad idea. Risky mortgages were a bad idea. The green energy idea was a failure. The high speed rail idea is a utopian pipe dream. High speed rail has not been an economic success anywhere in the world…Amtrack is a good example of low speed train failure.
Stanley Kurtz…Radical in Chief, Dinesh D’Souza…2016: Obama’s America, Thomas Sowell, and Alan West are a few of the writers, who have written about President Obama.
I was reading Radical in Chief yesterday and I came across a guy named Boyte. This man has been around for decades…and is a fellow traveller…chosen carefully by President Obama. I read a recent article in which he defends President Obama’s “you didn’t build that”. [1]
Here’s a playlist of President Obama related videos. [2]
Here’s what a Russian writer wrote in Pravda. Capitalism gone without a whimper. [3]
There’s a DVD coming out October the 16th of the movie…2016: Obama’s America. There’s a link in the upper right corner. [4]
Valerie Jarrett and her deceased father in-law…socialists. Valerie praised Van Jones…when he was appointed to be a czar. All… chosen friends of President Obama.
The idea of trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City…was President Obama’s and Eric Holder’s idea.
President Obama does not enforce laws of the United States.
President Obama is a despot. He attempts to bypass Congress. He declares laws unconstitutional.
President Obama does not protect and defend the Constitution.
President Obama is not open and above board. He is secretive.
We don’t know whether President secretly wants to collapse the United States economy.
Dinesh D’Souza believes that Obama won’t cut spending, won’t stop Iran,  will cut the military, and will try to increase taxes.

[1] By Harry Boyte
[2] Obama video playlist
[3] Pravda
[4] DVD