Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral | Travel

Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral | Travel

By +sanjay prakash

+Lorelei Strassberg and Julius are the couple in the .gif above.

+Lorelei Strassberg and her husband were married in Tagaytay City in the Philippines on August 18, 2012.

Quite a few of the +Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral clan, attended the wedding. It was a big wedding with about 500 in attendance.

+Michaela McFisher and her family were there.

+Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral went to Saudi Arabia in 2013. Then she went to Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, England, Italy, France, Norway, Luxemburg, Russia, Georgia, Belgium, and the United States.

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