The Rockstar | Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral

The Rockstar | Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral

Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral is a Social Media Rockstar

By +sanjay prakash

Both she and her family are outstanding.

She is on Google+ Account #1, Google+ Account #2, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

She has three biological daughters: +Michaela McFisher, +Carmilita Z Ambrosio, and +Lorelei Strassburg.

The number of people in her circles is shown on each of her two Google+ accounts. She has included many of those in her circles in her virtual family… +sanjay prakash being one of them.

Many have been treated to her kindness .

She was born and raised in the Philippines.

She worked in Australia, migrated to the United States, and is currently domiciled in New York City. She will return to Geneva Switzerland, where she is a permanent resident, soon.


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