It Has Come to Pass | Hillary Obama Pelosi Not the Brightest Bulbs

Hillary tried to get government health care passed.
We all know what Obama and Pelosi did.
Now, we have the icing on the cake; Obamacare is making our security vulnerable. Obamacare is responsible for an insecure government healthcare data bank.
My social security number is in my healthcare data. I went to a Doctor for valley fever. The doctor's office copied my social security card, and used it for medicare billing. The Doctor's billing people got one digit in my social security number wrong. It took over six months to discover why medicare would not pay their portion of my bill. There are records of which digit in my social security number was erroniously used. What the erronious digit was, and what the correct digit was.
Now, all this stuff is on record in an Obamacare database, which is insecure.