President Obama | Picture Puzzle

Above: Here is the picture on the box, of the completed picture puzzle:

I like to think about President Obama in terms of a picture puzzle.

Then you’ll like the first piece of the puzzle: Muslim link

Then there’s a “flawed constitution” piece: Link

Mr. Pollak has a handle on President Obama: Link

Barack Obama Constitution quote in context!

We are Five Days Away from Fundamentally Transforming America

Dreams from My Father: I choose my friends carefully…     President Obama's Friend Derrick Bell

This is just a beginning…There are hundreds and hundreds of additional pieces.

The pieces cover decades.

Many of the pieces are secret.

Many of the pieces are hidden.

As long as two people know about the pieces, the pieces are trickling out: 'The Vetting, Part I: Obama's love song to Alinsky'


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I’ve also noticed that they are a little larger in diameter than Energizer batteries.

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Tea Tree Oil

I purchased 1 oz. of Tea Tree oil for about $6.

Just a little dab, will do ya.

I had an ear canal infection about January 10. As of February 16, it’s completely cured.

Vitamin C is a natural antibiotic, and I used a lot of vitamin C during that time. I’m not talking pills, I’m talking clementine's, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, et cetera.

I used an ear syringe to flush out the ear canal, and I used hydrogen peroxide.

I put hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton balls inside my ear to prevent germs, etc. from getting onto my pillow and bed.

I was concerned about gangrene. If blood circulation is cut off, gangrene can result.

I also used “sweet oil” in my ear canal.

Getting back to Tea Tree Oil: They advertise that it is antibiotic, anti-fungus, and anti-virus. I applied it to various areas of my body, and it’s effective as far as I’m concerned.