President Obama’s Showdown With God | God Will Handle It–Updated

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The US Supreme Court will start consideration of Obamacare on Monday March 26, 2012.

President Obama plans to have a prayer vigil, March 26, for Obamacare. This man, who sat in Reverend Wright’s church for twenty years…and then left. This man supports the killing of aborted babies, who survive abortion. The man who has Ezekiel Emanuel in his administration, who advocates elimination of the Hippocratic oath and death for senior citizens. The man who praises and aids Muslims. The man who left the Creator out of his speeches, when referring to the Declaration of Independence.

It will be interesting to see how God handles this.

President Obama, David Axlerod, and George Soros are not dealing with Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and illegal immigrants here. They are dealing with the Creator, Divine Providence. Natures God, and Supreme Judge of the World. I have realized that the US Constitution and The Declaration of Independence are based on belief in God.

Atheists are ignored as far as the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution is concerned. The atheists are either unwilling or unable to change the constitution.

The Creator of the universe, which has no boundaries, which has distances measured in light years, which has a sun with awesome properties, will see a prayer vigil for Obamacare, and will act with divine wisdom.


Joe Guerra posted these links… from the US Senate: Link

The House has passed a bill to eliminate the death panel: Link



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