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President Obama opposes the right to work law, which is in the process of being passed in Michigan. That’s about all he can do about it though…which is good. Even a Harvard education didn’t teach Obama the lesson of freedom of the individual. Obama is scheduled to make a speech in Detroit today.

Woodrow Wilson had the idea that the community should decide what is good for the community. The right to work is the right of an individual…to work. The individual is sovereign…not the community. Woodrow Wilson’s idea that the community is sovereign is being shot down in Michigan.

Michigan Right to Work Battle Could Cost Labor Political Clout

Scott Walker won … the unions in Wisconsin didn’t. The right to work won in Indiana recently…and now Michigan.

The unions and their political contributions are not working. They may have helped Obama to get elected, but half the states have passed right to work laws. The idea that teachers don’t have to pay union dues is very appealing. The idea that the community don’t rule the individual… is exactly what the United States was about prior to Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Barack Obama.