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Hello Wolf Wolfman,
Please know that your Newsvine account has been temporarily suspended l Dec 18 2012 10:53AM PST untifor violating the Newsvine Code of Honor (COH) # 4.
In the interest of clarity, the following post by you was determined by a Newsvine moderator to be in violation of the Newsvine COH:
In the future, please abide by the Newsvine COH so that your account is not again negatively affected.


Newsvine could have banned me. They suspended me instead.


MSNBC Is President Obama's Pravda

But what they lack in journalistic credentials they make up for in far-left ideology — which makes them eminently valuable to this president, who governs through economic envy and agitation.

O'Donnell is such a hard-core Marxist, he doesn't like to even be perfumed as a "progressive." "I am not a liberal who is so afraid of the word that I had to change my name to 'progressive.' Liberals amuse me. I am a socialist," O'Donnell flatly stated in 2010, adding that capitalism is "truly lethal cruelty." He further stressed: "I live to the extreme left of liberals."

The same can be said for his fellow travelers at MSNBC.