Thou Shalt Not Steal | Part II

The Ten Commandments

Continued from: Thou Shalt Not Steal

Franklin D. Roosevelt …and the Democrats… brought Social Security into the United States government. The tax rate was about 15 percent on wages… 7.5 percent on the employee …and 7.5 percent on the employer. I’ve been paying income tax at 15 percent… in recent years. There was a cap on the Social Security taxed wages. After a certain amount, the tax stopped. But, the stealing began.

The government spent the Social Security revenue. They put IOU’s in the Social Security Trust Fund, and now Social Security is running out of money. The government is recklessly printing money, borrowing, and the national debt is out of control. Nobody was put in jail for stealing the Social Security money.

Dan Rostenkowski (D) Illinois was put in jail. Read more… President Clinton pardoned him. So, in effect…Clinton and Democrats forgive thieves.

Unfunded liabilities of the government are not reported according to accepted accounting practices. The government uses trickery to hide the national debt.

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