No More Twinkies | Obama | Unions

No More Twinkies | Obama | Unions

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It’s kind of sad to view the space in the grocery store where the Hostess products were displayed.  No More Twinkies 

Here’s my comment on one of Chou Chou’s posts:

I read some of the liberal's comments. They would have readers believe that Communism is noble...and that society prospers under Communist government. Society in China does prosper...with capitalistic ideas. The other disadvantages of living in China, illustrate what is wrong with liberals and communism. The USSR illustrates what is wrong with liberal ideas. Cuba illustrates why capitalism is good...with recent moves to make Cuba more capitalistic.
The demise of Hostess illustrates the folly of Obama's support of unions. The Teamster’s Union was willing to cooperate with Hostess, but the baker’s union would not. Management proceeded to close down the company. Unions and Obama types... harmed workers in the case of Hostess. The general public has to do without Twinkies as a result of Obama type ideology.