Please Remember This Wonderful Lady

Please Remember This Wonderful Lady

Carmilita friends

Jan 19, 2013 - Public


Wolf Wolfman
January 21 8:54 AM - Public

Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral originally shared this post:

Waste of precious time --



Carmilita Z. Ambrosio
January 20 11:14 PM - Public

Asmara Khurram originally shared this post:

Good Morning Folks!


Theo Von Druessel 8:59 AM January 21

That post is painfully relevant today. +Carmilita Z. Ambrosio shared that yesterday and early this morning, her mother +Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral fell ill while traveling and is in a coma. One never knows...


Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral just started a nine month tour of the Middle East and Europe. Carmilita Z. Ambrosio …her daughter… is in the USA.