Barry Soetoro and the IRS Have Changed the Obamacare Law

Barry Soetoro and the IRS Have Changed the Obamacare Law



Congress is authorized to make changes to laws; not Barry and the IRS.  Barry and the IRS have made illegal changes to the law. They have acted as the judiciary.

The law says that people, who purchase Obamacare through state exchanges, can be granted subsidies. The law also says; people, who purchase Obamacare through federal exchanges, are not eligible for subsidies, according to the language of the Obamacare law.

The Fourth Circuit Court of appeals: Health and Human Services set up state exchanges, when they set up the healthcare.gov exchange. 

There is discussion about: the intent of Congress. Congress could have intended that the Obamacare law would cause states to set up state exchanges. It didn’t happen. Only 16 states set up exchanges.

The IRS and the administration have decided to disregard the language in the Obamacare law. They took it upon themselves to decide what the law says.

This is a case of redistribution of wealth. Resources are being used to fine tune wealth redistribution. The national debt is rising, and Obamacare is contributing to the rise.

Two recent court decisions: One, the DC Circuit court of appeals, decided that the language of the law forbids subsides to people, who buy Obamacare on Federal exchanges. The other – the Fourth Circuit court of appeals decided that the IRS et al, were correct in allowing subsidies to people, who buy Obamacare on a Federal exchange.

There are other lawsuits to be decided. Also, there will likely be more action taken by one or more of the two courts mentioned above.

The US Supreme Court will probably decide. They will start hearing cases in October 2014, and will shut down in June 2015.