Fox News Sunday | Transcript: July 27, 2014

Fox News Sunday | Transcript: July 27, 2014


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: What's really going on is Republicans in congress are directly blocking policies that would help millions of Americans.

One of Obama’s plans…what is really going on:

But Medicare Advantage is not out of the woods yet. Obamacare is set to slash hundreds of billions from the program over the next 10 years.

That’s a mistake. Medicare Advantage delivers better care at lower cost than does conventional Medicare. The program should be expanded — not cut, as the president and his allies advocate.

OBAMA: It is my hope that Speaker Boehner and House Republicans will not leave town for the month of August for their vacations without doing something to help solve this problem.

SCALISE: We ought to have a platform to plan to save Medicare from bankruptcy. Under current law, Medicare goes bust. I don't think that's responsible. We have laid out a plan to save it from bankruptcy not only for current seniors but for future generations. I'd like to see the president and the Senate put some plan on the table other than letting it go bust, which is it will do right now.

Currently taxes for Medicare are collected on $117,000. Citizens and their employers pay approximately $17, 901 a year. Obama and his allies have been taking part of our money.

I paid into Social Security for over 50 years. Some years, I and my employers paid $7,500. Other years, the amount was less, and the amount was more in some years. $375,000 is a reasonable estimate of what was paid in. Now, Obama and his allies are going to take part of my money.