Property | IRS

Property | IRS


The US Supreme Court will probably decide whether the IRS illegally decided to take money from citizens for Obamacare subsidies . The IRS acted like the US Supreme court, without authority.

Obamacare is a Marxist law…from each according to his means, to each according to his needs.

The rich are not the only group, who suffer from property redistribution.

Sandra Fluke wants to have orgasms, and she doesn’t want to get pregnant. She also doesn’t want to pay anything to avoid getting pregnant. So, she wants me to pay for her contraceptives, and I am not rich.

Hobby Lobby has religious beliefs, which include: We don’t believe in paying for drugs, which prevent conception.

Barry Soetoro would like to increase the numbers of Marxists in the United States. So, he would like all of us to pay for health care, education, and welfare of illegal immigrants. He wooud like to make them voting citizens. He’s betting that the illegals will be Marxists.

The US Supreme Court has rejected several of Barry Soetoro’s actions. There may be more rejections. So, the Supreme Court could protect property.

There could be Article V amendments to the Constitution.

The lawsuit by Congress against Eric Holder is still in process in the courts.

Barry Soetoro could be sued by Congress.

The redistribution of property is advancing. We have a duty to protect property.

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