Climatologist Judith A. Curry 'tossed out of the tribe'


 "Curry 2006 200dpi". Licensed under Attribution via Wikimedia Commons

"I was tossed out of the tribe" The Spectator - 1 day ago

The 'IPCC' is not tolerant of all scientific views; no matter how credible. Time will tell, and the IPCC will have no control over it.

Meanwhile, the obsessive focus on CO2 as the driver of climate change means other research on natural climate variability is being neglected. For example, solar experts believe we could be heading towards a ‘grand solar minimum’ — a reduction in solar output (and, ergo, a period of global cooling) similar to that which once saw ice fairs on the Thames. ‘The work to establish the solar-climate connection is lagging.’
The IPCC and others have shown/are showing, their unscientific opinions, and pretend that they know something, which they really do not know with certainty.

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