Syrian refugees | Thanks Governors

Thanks Michigan and Alabama for refusing Syrian refugees. You are protecting the security of the 'people' in your states.
Other states should follow their example. Time is of the essence. Delaying action will allow Barry, Kerry, and Hillary to put the citizens of USA in harms way.
Where are you governor Christie?
I live in Pennsylvania; where are you Tom Wolf?
If 26 states can get an injunction to stop Barry's immigration actions, then 'Syrian refugees' can be refused.
As Forest Gump would say; that's all I've got to say about that.

Governor Abbott refuses 'Syrian refugees'
BREAKING: 5 states (IN, TX, LA, AR, MI, and AL) will refuse to accept refugees from the Syrian Civil War.
Where are you Chris Christie...Tom Wolf?
Arizona has been added to a list I just saw.


Very laudable. All States ought to follow suit in our attempt to save the USA from these invaders. We have ENOUGH problems as they are and adding one more is just insanity.
I just looked this up...I had no idea!
There are currently 31 Republicans, 18 Democrats, and one independent that hold the office of governor in the states.
Tom Wolf says Pennsylvania will continue to accept Syrian refugees as other states refuse, I'm going to tweet it.

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  Pennsylvania citizen...Michigan and Alabama refuse 'Syrian refugees. Where are you?