There Are Two Sides to a 'Story'

IQ 102
Muslim Brotherhood his top advisor

Excerpt from his IPCC statement November 30, 2015

This summer I saw the effects of climate change first hand in Alaska, where the sea is already swallowing villages and eroding shorelines ... where glaciers are melting a a pace unprecedented in modern times.
It was a preview of one possible future: our children’s fate ...
That future is not one of strong economies, nor of one where fragile states can find their footing. That future is one we have the power to change. Right here. Right now. 
I was born near Ayersville, Ohio. I went to a church near there, which was located on a road called 'the south ridge'. The road is elevated above adjacent land. The adjacent land has a reddish hue, when it has been tilled, but the redness fades as the distance from the ridge increases. There are small rocks and debris in the red area.
There was once a glacier there, and as it melted and refroze, it would push up ridges.
I definitely believe that there was climate change. I doubt that the end result was harmful.
There was once a glacier, which is now productive farm land. 

Cities swallowed by the sea; Google knows everything 

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