Carbon Emissions Reduction


It’s time to examine carbon emissions reduction. Obama Jr. has been involved with carbon emissions reduction for years. Al Gore has also been involved. Obama Jr.’s buddy Soros is involved. The United Nations is involved, and the extent of their involvement is not common knowledge. The extent of Obama Jr.’s involvement is not common knowledge.
China and India are involved, and much of Europe is involved.
Why am I writing this? You are involved.
Your way of life is going to change as a result of carbon emissions reduction.
If the UN, Obama, Gore, and Democrats in the United States get their way, coal, natural gas, and carbon emitters will be taxed. The result will be higher electricity prices and higher food prices. There will be higher prices across the board.
Obama made an “in your face” statement. He said, “The cost of electricity will skyrocket”. His attitude seems to be hooray for me, and you are meaningless; it’s going to be my way, regardless of any hardship on you.
I’m dealing in generalities now, but specifics will come later.
Currently the Environmental Protection Agency is regulating emissions. They have taken over regulation of emissions in the State of Texas. Texas refused to implement EPA regulations. Fred Upton, a congressman, is investigating the EPA.  The Supreme Court has ruled that the EPA can regulate greenhouse gases. January 5, 2010, Obama appointed Nat Keohane, an ardent supporter of cap and trade, to the National Economic Council.

I’m planning on getting into the dollar amount of  the United Nation’s involvement in carbon emissions. I’m planning on getting into how long Obama has been involved with carbon credits; it’s a long time. I’m going to get into carbon credits being traded right now, and what they’re worth.
Are you willing to sacrifice for the benefit of the United Nations, Democrats, and Obama?

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