Certified Emission Reduction

The Kyoto protocol passed in 1997 and took force in 2005. 184 countries committed to it; the United States didn’t ratify it.
The United Nations set up a system. Certified Emission Reduction credits were created. They are similar to a stock certificate, which can be bought and sold. Currently they sell for about $17. A refrigerant manufacturer in India reduces carbon emissions. A CER is created for each ton of carbon emissions it reduces. The same type of thing happens in China and other countries. A project is called a Clean Development Mechanism.
An electrical company in Scotland has purchased CER’s. I don’t know how many they purchased, but the cost will end up on their customer’s bills.
The UN estimates that as many as 2.9 Billion CERs will be created by 2012.
The foregoing is highly simplified. Go to this web page for more details.
The United States Congress voted against the Kyoto Protocol.
Obama likes the Kyoto Protocol.
So, after five years, has the Kyoto Protocol been effective? Has the melting of ice caps and rising of the ocean slowed?
Is Obama correct? Should we shiver in the winter, sweat in the summer, and pay high prices for everything? Will we suffer alone, or will Obama suffer with us?
Should we harm the coal mining industry, and eliminate their jobs?
There’s a railroad that operates out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I believe it’s the Bessemer and Lake Erie. It has been in operation for years. It hauls coal exclusively. Should the Bessemer and Lake Erie railroad be destroyed?
How do you vote?
Are you going to allow this to be shoved down your throat?