The Evil Empire

Evil empire

Ronald Reagan invented this term. He used it in a speech in 1983. The evil empire collapsed in 1989.
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Why do I bring this up? Well, it illustrates the contrast between our current president and Ronald Reagan.
Reagan displayed a commitment  to Godliness and faith, not only by himself, but by the United States. Recently our current president announced that he was quitting Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church. Our current president spent 20 years listening to Reverend Wright, who embarrassingly said loudly “GD America”.
  “The white folks’ greed runs a world in need”
    Sounds ... controversial! Keep in mind: a) Obama isn't disapproving of this sermon. In the book he weeps at the end of it; b) Demonstrating that at least some blaming of "white greed" for the world's sins--which Obama now criticizes-- isn't an exceptional topic for Rev. Wright in a few wacky sermons ("the five dumbest things") that Obama may or may not have missed. It's at the quotidian core of the Afrocentric philosophy that Obama says drew him to the church; c) Indeed, in his big March 18th race speech Obama reads the passage from his book that describes his emotional reaction to this very sermon (his "first service at Trinity")--how it made "the story of a people" seem "black and more than black." d) This is also the sermon that gave Obama the title of his next book, The Audacity of Hope. e) The "profound mistake" of this sermon is not that Wright "spoke as if our society was static"--Obama's analysis on Feb. 18th. The problem is that "white folks' greed" is not the main cause of a "world in need." I'm not saying voters shouldn't cut Obama a lot of slack on Wright's anti-white fulminations. But the Senator should have spoken up publicly against the semi-paranoid "white greed" explanation a long time ago, no? And he could show a little humility. Again, this wasn't the occasion for him to be lecturing everyone else. ...
In Obama’s own book, “He weeps at the end of it”, I can’t imagine what Reagan would say, if he was alive.