Wolfman Report: Do You Want to Know What Happened at the GOP-Obama Meeting? I Do Too!

Carney tells you what Obama wants you to hear

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – June 1, 2011 –
I intended to find articles about what happened at the GOP-Obama meeting June 1, 2011.
I found out that the press had been barred from the meeting. I did read about one of the Republicans, who took pictures and reported while the meeting was taking place.
I remember previous GOP-Obama meetings which were videotaped and published.
I thought this country was the land of the free and free speech. Isn’t denying the press access to meetings, like the most recent GOP-Obama meeting, a denial of free speech and freedom of the press? I was under the impression that Obama was going to put many government activities on C-Span. I know he promised to be open and transparent. Does Obama’s words measure up to his actions? The answer is glaringly no.
Secrecy is one of Obama’s characteristics. I don’t admire that characteristic. I don’t need to recite all the secrets, which Obama hides. His record of keeping secrets is well known.
Does “I won” give Obama the right to withhold information such as the GOP-Obama meeting June 1, 2011?
Obama is a sneaky Ayers, Wright, Van Jones, Marxist.
Don’t get me wrong; if Obama continues his behavior,  he will lose more and more votes. That is what I would like to see happen.