Wolfman Report: Supreme Court Doubts Global Warming Cause

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – June 25 –
The United States Supreme Court has dealt a blow to global warming. It happened a few days ago. There’s a link below. It is the top link.
The plaintiffs wanted emission controls. They wanted to impose controls on American Electrical power. They lost big time; 8-0.
I read the whole decision, and it sounded like the EPA was on firm ground. If carbon dioxide is not the cause of global warming, the EPA’s efforts to control it comes into question.
President Obama’s skyrocketing electricity prices, food prices, and prices in general, also appear to be foolhardy. Failure to drill becomes a mistake, and use of coal, natural gas, and fossil fuels does not cause global warming.
Of course it could be argued that we don’t want to deplete resources. Then, that argument would stop us from depleting copper, iron, aluminum, et cetera.
June 25. 2011
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