Wolfman Report: Put Wealth Redistribution in Charge?

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I hear and see criticism of capitalism, conservatives, and Christians. They are not Utopia, but they served the United States well until January 20, 2009.
We’ve had a taste of wealth redistribution. Now, a decision will be made. Either the United States will go down the path that Greece and others went, or down the path that Australia and others are going.
At least many United States citizens realize that we are on the wrong path, now.
chouchou made the following remark:
“Austerity is inevitable.”
Greece is cutting back, and austerity is being imposed whether the citizens want it or not.
California is cutting back whether the citizens like it or not.
New Jersey and others are cutting back.
Many United States citizens think they will get what they want…forever.
When and if the United States currency collapses, United States citizens will experience inevitable austerity.
Entitlements such as Medicare, and Social Security will disappear. Voting for the wrong politicians will have nothing to do with it. Collapse of the currency will have a lot to do with it.
A look at the world over time:
The Weimar Republic printed money. The currency collapsed. The people cut back, they had no choice.
Zimbabwe’s currency collapsed. The people suffered. They had no choice.
Rome burned.