I had a Norcold DC refrigerator in my truck. I could be turned down to freeze if desired. I had it for years, and I plugged it into the cigarette lighter. Hover over the link above to see display.

Congress has recently thumbed their nose at We The People. The President has thumbed his nose at We The People. I would even say that the Supreme Court thumbed their nose at We The People in the Kelo case in New London, Connecticut.
I’ve heard the word small used in connection with elimination of earmarks. A change in earmark behavior may be small, but a change in attitude is large. The Senate Republicans oppose earmarks, the House opposes earmarks, and yes, even the President opposes earmarks. The next thing you know, we’ll hear that George Soros opposes earmarks.
I keep thinking about what the first astronaut said as he made his first step on the moon; "That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind." The one small step for earmarks; could lead to one giant leap to a changed attitude.
Lobbyists thrive on earmarks, and they will feel the “small step”. The Senators are feeling the “small step” by the House. The President has observed the “small step” in the recent elections. Even George Soros would be wise to consider the effect that the “small step” has taken upon his lavish spending to control current events, and profit at the expense of Joe Sixpack.
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