I had a refrigerator in my truck, when I was trucking. I loved it!
I had a chest type refrigerator like this.

If you write a blog, comment on columns on the Internet, or comment on articles or seeds, your writing appears in several places.
On Newsvine, your comments are available in total on the web site. It’s interesting to see comments of one person all in one place.
Robots from search engines obtain information, which appear as search results. For example, I write about QE2. The robots pickup the information, and a search result is available about QE2 by me.
I found at least one person, who was unaware of this.
If you make nasty comments, they leave what I call a paper trail on the Internet. It is a digital record trail technically.
Over time a profile is built of individuals. The profile can be dignified, respectful, and honorable, if you are aware of what I just told you
I suggest you do a Google search of your handle, or a topic you have written about or commented on.