President George W. Bush and Laura Bush attend service at Cua Bac Church and address the press afterwards in Hanoi, Vietnam

White House photo by Eric Draper

The Way It Was is not The Way it is Now


This is going to be a series of articles

  • I will try to give a world view
  • It is going to be about money, which is property in many respects
  • It is going to be about the United States, land that I love, China, and more.

The publicity given to QE2; priceless!


I’ll have more to say later, but the publicity is priceless.

Define QE2

QE2 is a weasel term. It is quantitative easing. It is printing money. It is supposed to help the economy with “stimulus”. More money is supposed to be available to borrowers. That in turn is supposed to stimulate the economy. The recent huge stimulus appears to be a monumental failure. 

My sense is that the masses do not realize the danger of printing money. I don't think the middle class has a clue that they are being raped. The rape has already begun; the value of the dollar has fallen since January 2010. The commodity prices are currently going up, and food and other product prices are in process of being raised. The price increases are imminent, and will take place by Christmas 2010.

  • Soros, Democrats, Obama, and Bernanke like printing money.


  • The masses learned the hard way, what Obama is.
  • They are about to get another lesson in how harmful to our country he can be.
  • The Democrats just got an attitude adjustment.
  • They are on tap to get another larger attitude adjustment.
  • They all seem to be happy campers while doing it.

Asian Tour

The Asian tour is being watched closely by the media. The media watching is the world media, which is not controlled by United States politics. The media coverage will not be a daily examination, it will go on for more than a week.

Obama, Democrats, China, the United States, will be in the spotlight. It will be on TV, Newspapers, on the Internet, and public discussions.

G 20

The Asian Tour is supposed to end with a meeting of the G-20. It should be interesting to follow.


I will elaborate on China, China's President Hu Jintao, their investment in the United States, Democrats, Obama, and more. 


I’ll have more to say later, but the publicity is priceless.