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I just read an article about QE2. Here’s an excerpt from that article.
    For US President Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the attack from Germany (which follows critiques from Brazil, China and others) is another reminder that the US enjoys neither the respect nor the status in global finance that it had barely three years.

Define QE2
QE2 is a weasel term. It is quantitative easing. It is printing money. It is supposed to help the economy with “stimulus”. More money is supposed to be available to borrowers. That in turn is supposed to stimulate the economy. The recent huge stimulus appears to be a monumental failure.  I checked TV search results for China, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Britain. I would say many countries are neutral toward QE2, except China and Germany. The neutral countries are leery of QE2  China and Germany are against it. There are a host of search results as recent as the last several days. This indicates to me that there is a lot of publicity. This is from an Internet search:
Could QE2 Cause the Fed to Go Broke?
‎ Seeking Alpha - Ed Dolan - 2 days ago G20 Obama steels for tough G20 su(P) – 37 minutes ago-9 PM MST November 10, 2010 Obama will be at odds with China, Germany, and South Korea, at the least, according to predictions. It is now 10: 30 PM Friday November 11, 2010 in Asia. If you don’t know what is going on; you should. The eyes of the world are on the G20. China It goes without saying that Hu Jintao will try to protect China’s huge investment in United States securities. Just as I as an individual feel that my savings and assets are being confiscated by Democrats and unions; China feels the same way. The stock market crash a few years back took a big chunk of my property. I blame risky mortgages for that debacle. I blame Barney Frank and others as principle Democrat players in promotion of risky mortgages. Now, the Democrats and unions are in a position to cause the loss of my property that remains now. China has done nothing to deserve confiscation of their property. Coming up I’m thinking about reporting on the G20 tomorrow.