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Thursday November 11, 2010

Unprecedented Grumbling

    The depths of South Korea's dissatisfaction became clear when President Lee Myung-bak was asked whether he feared the U.S. policy would result in an influx of "hot" money — large amounts of investors' cash flowing into Korea, risking an investment bubble and inflation. His answer, through a translator, might have been a joke, but a pointed one at that. "I think that kind of question should be asked to me when President Obama's not standing right next to me," Lee said. Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva had no such scruples; he said such policies would "bankrupt" the world. China, perhaps seeking to deflect attention from criticism of its own currency, has also weighed in; it said Washington "should not force others to take medicine for its own disease."


Friday November 12, 2010

The news this morning was that Obama is now in Japan.

The summary of the G20 was that, basically, nothing was accomplished.

The important thing to me was the printing of money. It was not discussed to any extent as near as I can tell.

Soros, Axelrod, and Obama concealed their attempts to reduce the value of the assets of Americans by up to 50%. Yes, the value of the dollar is going down. Nobody seems to care very much. If you have $100,000, soon, you will be able to buy 1/2 as much with it

The stock market is going up. People are pleased. The stocks will be worth twice as much as they are now, because it will take twice as many devalued dollars to buy the stocks. Obama, the deceiver, has succeeded. It appears that the American people are in ignorant bliss.

In the meantime, Soros is making a mint, and Obama and the Democrats are smiling.