Evil Obama | Teleprompter Dependent

No Teleprompter…True ability to speak…on display.

Obama convinced a bunch of people that he was something that he wasn’t. Maybe my observations explain how he did it.

The teleprompter allowed other’s brains to be expressed through his mouth. In many cases Axelrod’s words come out of Obama’s mouth. Soros has a big influence on Obama’s mouth. The SEIU influences Obama’s mouth…and does other things…like pay people to attend his campaign speeches…and bus them to the speeches.

Then there is creating false impressions. The change in venue of the Democratic National Convention…gave the impression of huge crowds. The pictures of the audience at the Ohio State University campaign speech didn’t give the impression that most of the upper sections were empty.

We have some pictures of those attending Mitt Romney’s campaign speech in Bedford, Ohio.

Tearing down the US

Some have free Obamaphones.

Tearing down the US

There is very little dissent. Mitt Romney fired back at Obama. Jan Brewer pointed her finger in his face…but outside that…Obama says whatever he pleases. The truth doesn’t matter.

Mitt Romney tells Obama what Romney thinks…look at that ear on our right!

Sometimes Obama’s brain overrides the teleprompter. For example:

  • He told Joe the plumber that he wants to spread the wealth around.
  • He told Occupy Wall Streeters that they are the reason he ran for office.
  • He said in a campaign speech in Roanoke, Virginia, “You didn’t build that”

All three examples show a brain tainted by communism.

If you like Obama’s ideas…vote for him…there may be unintended consequences.