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Acorn marxist grow

Obama’s ties to ACORN are broad, deep, longstanding and intimate. [1]

ACORN tried to get risky mortgages for the poor. They succeeded. The housing bubble burst…and now the economy has suffered…the poor don’t get risky mortgages…and Obama does not own up to his own involvement. He shouts, “The policies of the past got us in this mess” They sure did…risky mortgages were one of the policies. The truth is…Obama had a lot to do with getting us into this mess.

Thank God ACORN has lost a lot of its power.

Thank God Obama has been exposed. More people are aware of Obama’s true Socialist, Communist, Marxist…ideas. More people are aware of Obama’s circle of Socialists, Communists, and Marxists…Valerie Jarrett for example.

I doubt that Mitt Romney would appoint a Socialist, Communist, Marxist as his advisor.

[1] Radical in Chief Stanley Kurtz p.202


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To Be Continued.