Radical in Chief | 2016: Obama’s America

Radical in Chief


I believe that the free enterprise system is the greatest engine of prosperity that the world has ever known…but…”You didn’t build that”

I thought for a minute that Obama was going to take Churchill's bust back into the oval office…when he made his closing statement. I don’t believe he would have exposed his Marxist tendencies, if Axelrod and others would have been able to control Obama’s words through a teleprompter. Obama was able to get his 47% statement into the debate, but his statement about “everybody should have a fair shot” and “everybody should do their fair share” is not what Axelrod and company would have recommended. Besides that, there is a lot of truth in Romney’s idea that the 47% have been bought…with free cellphones, food stamps, etc. Let’s not forget that Occupy Wall Streeters were the reason that Obama ran for office. Let’s face it…Obama cannot resist his Marxist ideas when he is not shackled by a teleprompter.

Electricity will skyrocket

Obama can’t bring himself to admit that his energy policies have harmed the US. Anyone can readily see that Obama has resisted drilling for oil…and Socialists have distain for oil companies.  Obama has caused the conversion of coal fired electricity generation plants…and hurt coal miners. Yet Obama, the con man, talks about his wonderful clean coal successes. Solyndra is the poster child for Green Energy failures. One of Obama’s touted battery plants just went bankrupt. The government gave them a $249 million grant. It is being purchased for $125 million. Romney would be an expert on these kinds of things…but Obama…the big government guy…is totally lost.

2016: Obama’s America

Dinesh D’Souza has an idea about what 4 more years under Obama will be like…it is not a pretty picture.

Dinesh D’Souza believes that Obama won’t cut spending, won’t stop Iran, will cut the military, and will try to increase taxes.

Obama will continue to spend without self discipline.

The Obama you see…is not the Obama you get

President Obama does not enforce laws of the United States.
President Obama is a despot. He attempts to bypass Congress. He declares laws unconstitutional.
President Obama does not protect and defend the Constitution.
President Obama is not open and above board. He is secretive.
We don’t know whether President secretly wants to collapse the United States economy.



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