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Debate October 16, 2012

About 30 years ago I bought my first truck. 30 years later I was still trucking.

I earned money yearly and paid taxes on that money…earned income. I still have a portion of that earned income…but each and every year…I am taxed again on the yearly income earned 30 years ago…as income on investments. I have paid 15% approximately…each and every year…on the investment income…on investments…which came from my first year of earnings. So, the tax rate of 15% is not so low as President Obama claims. It is 15% per year…and in my example…15%…thirty times.

I don’t think President Obama is capable of grasping this simple concept. I do believe that Mitt Romney is well aware of it

I blame government for the loss of a portion of my investments. I blame ACORN, Jimmy Carter, and Obama for my losses. I blame risky mortgages.

I lost at least 30% of my investments…when the market crashed.

We had a $250,000 house, which is now worth about $175,000. 

President Obama’s economic ideas are uneducated…not based on experience…from a con artist.

Mitt Romney’s ideas are based on real life experience.


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