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Tell me how many secrets Romney has. Then tell me how many secrets Obama has.

Then ask, “Why does Obama have so many secrets?”

There are some other differences between Obama and Romney. Obama talked about stopping the oceans from rising and healing the planet. That is a fable…Obama tells fables and Romney doesn’t.

Romney’s successes are a matter of record…open for the world to see. [1]

Romney has lived and associated with Capitalists. Obama chose his friends carefully…most of them are Socialists, Communist, Marxists. Ayers was a communist. Jeremiah Wright went to Cuba…twice. Valerie Jarrett and Van Jones are two more. There’s ACORN, Alinsky, and the SEIU. [2]

Obama isn’t talking about Occupy Wall Street… being the reason he ran for office… these days. He did say it though.

Romney grew up around capitalists. Obama grew up around Marxists. Obama’s mother didn’t like her second husband’s capitalistic activities. After she sent Obama to his grandparents…when he was ten, Obama’s mentor was Frank Davis…a Communist..until Obama was about seventeen. Obama continued his choice of Socialists, Communist, Marxists during his college years. He  worked with Socialists, Communists, and Marxists in Chicago at the Midwest Academy, ACORN, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and the Woods Foundation. Michelle was active in “Public Allies” which is an extension of the Midwest Academy.

It can be denied that Obama is a Socialist, but it cannot be denied that he isn’t… and wasn’t… the Messiah. Otherwise, why would the Gallup poll be 51% Romney…45% Obama among likely voters.


[1] Being Successful is Romney's Greatest Appeal August 30, 2012

[2] Mormon Discussions



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