Ear Infection | Alternative Treatment



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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  –  January 11, 2011  – 

I have had an ear canal infection for several days now. The first thing I would like to mention is: Don’t use Q tips to clean ear wax from your ears. It is likely that you will push ear wax further into your ear canal. There are plastic devices to remove ear wax in the stores, but I chose not to use one of those either.

I did use an infrared light to heat the ear canal area, but didn’t see any obvious results of melted ear wax.

I read that vitamin C is a natural antibiotic, and that there are other natural antibiotics. I went the vitamin C route.

There are quite a few foods, which contain vitamin C. I decided to try to use my body to fight the inflammation from inside my body.  We had clementines available, and I ate at least 2 clementines every three hours. I had frozen strawberries, so, I thawed them, and ate strawberries and bananas. I ate cauliflower and broccoli with my meals. I ate tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers in my salad. Garlic would have been good, but I didn’t use it.

My wife had sweet oil, which I heated and put into my ear every three hours or so. It reduced the pain, and seemed to fight the germs. I read about tea tree oil, so I bought some, and used it. It will kill germs, fungus, and viruses. I wanted to kill germs from the outside. It burns like alcohol. They don’t recommend putting it on irritated or broken skin, but I did anyway. I used it sparingly.

I bought a syringe, which is like a hypodermic needle syringe, but it has a device on the end, which fits the outside of the ear canal. It irrigates the ear canal, and washes out debris. I used hydrogen peroxide to flush out the ear canal. It seemed to irritate the inflamed skin inside the ear, so I only flushed the ear canal out once so far.

Just because I did these things, does not mean that it is the right thing to do. I did it, and I’m still alive. My ear isn’t healed, but it has improved, instead of getting worse.


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