Shake Your Finger in President Obama’s Face

Brewer shake finger

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – January 29, 2012 –

Jan Brewer did.

Jan was able to express her dissatisfaction with President Obama. We are entitled to express our thoughts and feelings as well. I keep thinking about the colonies, and King George III. [1] The colonists didn’t believe that it was necessary, or proper, to bow and curtsy to the king. ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is disrespected. Community organizers in general are disrespected. Unions are disrespected as indicated by the number of states passing right to work laws. Governor Walker is in a battle against unions. He may or may not win, but unions won’t boost the economy in Wisconsin, or anywhere else.

Occupy Wall Street is a group dedicated to the idea that Wall Street is bad and harmful to our society. The Occupy Wall Street group are President Obama’s kind of people. He said in effect that they are the kind of people that was the reason he ran for president.

Dennis Prager said this:

 “Leftism has never planted the trees of affluence; it only knows how to dispense the fruit.”

I think Prager hit on the key to the flaw in President Obama and community organizing in general. “Leftism has never planted the trees of affluence”. President Obama mistakenly tried to use Petrobas, but the beneficiary was China. President Obama tries to promote green energy, but he never has “planted the trees of affluence”. He wants desperately to tax the rich. He wants to spend beyond any rational standard.

President Obama has earned the disrespect of Jan Brewer. Say what you want about Jan Brewer. Enough people respected her to make her governor of Arizona. Millions of dollars have been donated to defend the state of Arizona’s SB 1070. She has written a book. I wish that I was capable of writing a book, and getting it published.

[1] I might add that I think about Bill Clinton. He attempted to shake hands with someone, who didn’t want to shake hands with him. The guy was taken to the police station and questioned.

I was involved in a law suit. The opposition won. The opposition lawyer wanted to shake hands with me at the end of the trial. I didn’t want to, and I didn’t.


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