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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – January 6, 2012 –

To members of Reality Check on Facebook:

There’s a Doc in Reality Check by Chris McCallister about reregistering. “Changing your IP”. The links don’t work.

That same Doc is posted on Terry Falcon’s Facebook wall. It has been edited.

Link to Terry Falcon’s reregister document.

If you are reregistering, those two docs are helpful.

I would like to post this web address to find your IP number, your ISP, and your router address. If someone wants to check your reregistering, they can use all three to check you out.


I was going to try to reregister recently, but didn’t.

I got a new email address, and I was going to have my son, who lives in Scottsdale, AZ register me on his I Pad. He was visiting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at my daughter’s house. His I Pad was connected to my daughter’s ISP, and her router. I’m just letting you know, how I planned to reregister. I was going to use the new reregister on my old desktop computer, which had been formatted. The old desktop computer is connected to my daughter’s ISP and router. So there would have been no cookies, or history.

I did reregister once. I was living in Scottsdale, AZ at the time, and was visiting my daughter’s house in Pittsburgh. I registered with a new email address on her desktop computer.

I’m hoping this information will be helpful at this time. If it becomes outdated, or if you want to provide additional information, please comment.

I read that you can change your IP number by unplugging your modem. One suggested unplugging it for 8 hours. My comment: If you change your IP number, your router or modem will remain the same. Also, your host will remain the same.

IP: Internet Protocol

ISP: Internet Service Provider

Host: Comcast for example

Router or Modem: Electronic device, which connects cable to computers

Formatted: Everything removed, including the Operating System.



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