Today Obama signed NDAA S.1867 into law-not good

Obama signs ndaa 2012


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S.1867 could easily be misused under the same premise. Already there are calls for hiring foreign troops of other nations to make up for the void being felt in the US armed forces as we are presently in a peacetime voluntary recruitment policy that does not make enlistment mandatory as it was in Vietnam. There are plans to recruit soldiers from UN nations to serve in the United States Army. Now ask yourself whether or not foreign troops would have any compunction over marching against US citizens if they were ordered to? They answer would be just as it was in Hungary in 1956 and in Czechoslovakia in 1968. This is but one of many scenarios in which S.1867 could be used in an all together different way than it was supposedly intended.

Not to put rats in your skulls, but can you imagine what Machiavellian event could be orchestrated by the government to give it the "Reichstag Moment" it needed to justify martial law. Does not S.1867 open the door for this horrid possibility? Everything is now in place for such a situation to be realized. Let's go one agonizing step further. Suppose a certain president facing a certain landslide loss at the voting polls was to create a nationwide emergency, a dastardly act of terrorism, or a civil uprising that the law had now been changed to accommodate? S. 1867 would be that very bill, all they needed to deliver the nation into a perpetual state of martial law that would, no doubt, trump a presidential election. The dictatorship would be in place! The opposition neutralized!


In the current Iowa caucus, I didn't hear much about this. It seems to me that it is very important.

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